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I'm going to take a few minutes and convey to our fans, drivers and crews on the decision to forego the introduction of the top 10 in points and extending the season.  As most of you may know, the introductions of the top 10 in points were cut to only the champions and the presentation of the Alkota "Keep it Clean" Champion and runner-up.  The decision made by the Fairboard earlier in the day was to monitor the weather very closely and do EVERYTHING in our power to get the races in for the night and call it a year.  Throughout the day, a number of storms just missed the speedway and continued into the night.  I really can't believe with our luck this season with weather it did not rain.  There are many reasons why we decided to not extend the season past the Labor Day weekend. 

The track crews are wanting to do extensive work on the speedway and add a large number of loads of dirt to it.  Doing it late in September or early October does not set up well to starting in the spring.  Along with the amount of time needed to work and prepare for the winter on the track surface, last years numbers for the make up nights in September were not that good.  In fact, both nights the attendance figures were not enough to pay the purse out and we lost money.  Not a good taste in the mouths of the committee and the Fairboard going into winter.  Not saying the racing wasn't good, but there are a number of events going on including local football games, other racing specials at area tracks, Joliet Nascar Race and other factors for this.  Not to mention the car count for this season has dropped all over Illinois and would make it even tougher to draw more cars and people. 

With that in mind, it was imperative to get our program in this past Saturday Night.  We had originally scheduled the introductions for August 23rd, however rain continued to hamper events this year and rained out the night.  We tentatively scheduled to reschedule the introductions for this past Saturday pending whether that we announced in a post earlier this week.  For people to say they we don't appreciate how hard the drivers worked, sweat, committed time and money to our speedway is just plain crap.  We take care of our drivers as best as we can every year and are the HIGHEST paying track around when it comes to a points fund.  With the addition of the Daytona Party, we are estimated at giving out over $15,000 to our drivers for their hard work and dedication.  Not to mention the work that Gunner has done to bring in thousands of dollars in contingency money and awards to all of our four divisions.  We have a wonderful banquet every year to give back to our drivers for their season.  It was a very hard decision not to do it this past Saturday, but the right decision was made considering the circumstances.  We were extremely close all night long to weather and the last thing that we needed for the track was to not get a feature or two in at the end of the night because we had a 45 minute to a hour introduction ceremony.  It took 50 minutes last year and we also had to factor in the Alkota presentation as well.  If we would of rained out with the Late Model feature left to run, I guarantee you would of been extremely upset with how things were run during the night.  A no win situation to us either way we would have gone. 

I don't think its fair to judge myself or president Rodriguez in comparison to Rusty and Jim.  There is not a race night that goes by that I don't think about those guys and what they did for the fair and our speedway.  Numerous things has changed over the years and will continue to change each year as well.  We are doing our absolute best and with the help of the entire Fairboard and Race Committee continue to grow the tradition that the Fairbury Speedway has. 

I want to congratulate all of our drivers and teams for an outstanding season.  To our fans who are the most loyal fans we could ever ask off, to all our volunteers throughout the season, sponsors that allowed us to bring a numerous number of races to see, all our officials and workers on race night and to President Leroy Rodriguez and the entire Fairboard for all of their hard work and dedication they have given.  To the Race Committee for working hard not only for the fans but the drivers throughout the season a huge THANKS!!

We are already hard a work on the 2015 schedule.  Some exciting news and races will be announced soon through the speedway so continue to monitor the website.  Thanks for a great 2014 Season!

Matt Curl

Race Director
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i agree it take a hole lot of time and MONEY to run in the top ten an you guys are the show so you should have been recognized . as a washed up crewmember I really loved that night .it just seem to brake the tension an made that night special for everybody in the pits  sorry you guys lost your night of fame .the track is not the same an never will be imo but everything changes some good some not . CONGRATS TO ALL IN THE TOP TEN

Well said right there. The fact that the track is not the same and never will be is definitely a true FACT!! We have discussed this many of times within our LARGE group and agree...there's just some things that were let happen this year where in the past...discipline would have happened. I understand we have a new promotor as well as a new board president...and yes, I know both personally and pretty well. I know that both had HUGE shoes to fill from Jim and Rusty. Not all things are bad, don't get me wrong!! However, skipping over the recognition of the top 10 in points was not one thing that should have happened. Those drivers worked, sweat, spent quite a bit of time and money on those cars to get into the top 10...they should get those few seconds of glory.

I've said it in other posts (at least 2 other posts that nobody has chosen to respond to). Back in 2011, the season WAS extended I believe 2 races AFTER the World 100 because of the amount of rain outs. There were decent car counts and fans in attendance at those 2 races as well. I think we've had more rain outs this year than we did that year. Why was the season not extended? I know that Gunner posted that the season passes were not pushed this year, which is fine, whatever. But, there's no way of knowing the weather we will get. What would it hurt to extend the year or even put in at the beginning of each season two tentative races after the World 100 in case of rain outs?
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Yea the 14 got into me the second time. I don't know why I was sent to the back after that though.
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Another Saturday lock time this week.

This is the last race before the Chase begins. The top ten in points plus two wild cards will advance into the Chase and battle for the Fantasy Racing Pick 'Em 2014 championship and the pair of general admission tickets to the 2015 Prairie Dirt Classic Weekend.
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Chase for the Two Wild Card Spots (1 race until the Chase begins)

Pick the Race Winner
(WC) greenflag   9
7tracks   7
chadbaz   7
Diesel   6
reidboys   5
sparksfan_7   5
TinCan34   5
1bbmft   10
GW4   10
dotcomguy   8
dirt fan   7
Goose   7
400EX   6
JJ Kahne 5   6
JLR99   6
mcn1   6
DirtFan4   5

Highest Weekly Score (each of the 10 automatic qualifiers receive a bonus of 5 pts for each weekly win during the regular season)
greenflag   4
(WC) 7tracks   3
chadbaz   2
Diesel   2
reidboys   1
sparksfan_7   0
TinCan34   0
1bbmft   3
Goose   3
DirtFan4   2
mcn1   2
400EX   1
dirt fan   1
dotcomguy   1
GW4   1
JJ Kahne 5   1
JLR99   1

Weeks Played (you must have played at least half the races and are actively playing to be eligible for the wild cards)
1bbmft   25
400EX   25
7tracks   25
chadbaz   25
Diesel   25
dirt fan   25
DirtFan4   25
dotcomguy   25
Goose   25
GW4   25
JJ Kahne   25
JLR99   25
mcn1   25
sparksfan_7   25
TinCan34   25
reidboys   24
greenflag   23
Discussion & Announcements / Fantasy Racing Pick 'Em 2014 Week 26
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Standings after Week 25
6--dirt fan3038-157
10-1JJ Kahne 53016-179

Best Week 25 Score: 158 by chadbaz

Week 26 Race Info
Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA
Race 26 of 36
Laps: 400
Track Length: 0.75 miles
Race Length: 300 miles
2013 Winner: Carl Edwards

Deadline to make or edit picks: Saturday, September 6 at 6:30 p.m.

Group 1 (pick 1)
Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Matt Kenseth
Joey Logano
Brad Keselowski

Group 2 (pick 1)
Jimmie Johnson
Carl Edwards
Kevin Harvick
Ryan Newman
Greg Biffle

Group 3 (pick 1)
Kasey Kahne
Clint Bowyer
Kyle Larson
Paul Menard
Austin Dillon

Group 4 (pick 1)
Any driver not listed above

List of Groups (for copying): Groups
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Week 1 Games

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