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Re: track wins
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Great work and a lot of time and effort ..Thanks !!! Very nice to see that a lot of Fairbury's History was preserved for everyone to see and remember..Hope you can place this on the main website and start adding some old photos to go with some of those old names...

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Re: track wins
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1950 Corn Belt Association Standings

1st. Ken Headley.             Fairbury
2nd. Bud Ferguson.          Morris
3rd. Red Thompson.         Watseka
4th. Harold Wildhaber.      Lexington
5th. Carl Pate.                  Pontiac
6th. Stogie Steidenger.     Strawn
7th. Johnny Cleaver.        Manteno
8th. Dave(Don)Williams.          Kankakee
9th. Bill Klindelspire.        Morris
10th. Burley Dodson.       Pontiac
11th. Hughey Leanard.    Fairbury
12th. Frank Zink.            Channahon
12th. Joe Birsa.              Rockdale
14th. Don Zimmerman.   Fairbury
14th. Ray Elliot.             Lockport
14th. Bill Hoffman.         Morris
14th. Jack Tyne.            Streator
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Re: track wins
« Reply #62 on: March 22, 2013, 03:09:03 PM »
I think it is great that someone is taking the time to hunt for all of this information, organize it and put it on the web site.My parents moved back to Fairbury about the same year the race track opened. We went to the races almost every Wednesday night. This thread brings back many very pleasant memories of the many nights spent at the track.Many of the names are very familiar to me. Kudos to the person going back and finding all of the information and spending so much time doing all of this research.

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Re: track wins
« Reply #63 on: March 25, 2013, 02:59:59 PM »
excellent job, jim.

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Re: track wins
« Reply #64 on: March 28, 2013, 09:55:27 AM »

Great job, Jim!

Dave Weber   :)

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Re: track wins
« Reply #65 on: March 29, 2013, 09:58:00 AM »
1946 driver standings

Midgets Class A (all midgets, Offy's and v8s)
1st. Mike O'Hallaron
2nd. Frank Burany
3rd. Ray Richards
4th. Pete Romcevich
5th. Byron Fohr
6th. Ted Duncan
7th. Don Brennan
8th. Tony Bettenhausen
9th. Roy Newman
10th. Jim Caris
11th. Emil Anders
12th. Johnny Dietz
More Top Finishers; Clyde Dillon,  Bill Barnet, Cowboy O'Rourke, Bob Muhlke, Rex Easton, Don Horton, Frank Wing, Byron Fisher, Harry Turner, Lou Walker, Ray Knepper, George Smith, Ray Elliot, Bill Seaman, Jay Booth, Bernie Kelly, Chuck Marshall,

Midgets Class B (no Offy's)
1st. Corky Slager
2nd. Clyde Young
3rd. Otto Hamberger
4th. Pip Hensen
5th. Johnny Roberts
6th. Al Sprang
7th. Joe Goreic
8th. Russ Shadday
9th. George Klienbel
10th. Jim Strube
11th. Elmer Noeth
12th. Bob Thompson
More top finishers; Bill Barnes, Fordu Schelton, Ken Rubright. ray Potcher, Lou Walker, Wilbur Wildhaber, Frank Wright
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Re: track wins
« Reply #66 on: March 30, 2013, 05:29:24 PM »
Most feature wins in the 50's
1st.  Ken Headley.        8
2nd. Bud Ferguson.      6
3rd.  Red Thompson.     4
3rd.  Corky Ritter.         4
5th.  Rosey Roseman.    3
5th.  Les Snow.             3
5th. Joe Weaver.           3
5th.  Wayne McCarty.    3
9th.  George Messer.     2
9th. Bob Tattersall.        2
9th. Harold Wildhaber.   2
9th.  Carl Pate.              2
9th. Billy Mitchell           2
9th. Chuck Marshall.      2(midget)
9th. Steve Ormes.         2(midget)
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Re: track wins
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1947 Point Standings

Midgets Class A (all cars, Offy's and V8's)
1st. Paul Russo        5 Feature wins
2nd. Ted Duncan.     6
3rd. Myron Fohr.      1
4th. Rex Easton.     
5th. Frank Burnany
6th. Emil Andres.      2
7th. Pete Romcevich. 1
8th. Ray Knepper
9th. Mike O'Harroran
10th. Chuck Marshall
11th. Don Brennan
12th. Rabbit Musick

Midget Class B (feature with no Offy's)
1st. Russ Shadday.     4 Feature wins
2nd. Bud Swanson.     1
3rd. Paul Blokell.         1
4th. Bob Thompson.    2
5th. Al Sprang.           2
6th. Frank Wright.     
7th. Steve Orme. 
8th. Jim Ward.            1
9th. Harold Wildhaber
10th. Harry Meeks.      1
11th. Bill Johnson.       1
12th. Roy Newman.     1
More top finishers; Ernie Gessel, Byron Fisher, Gus Klingbiel, Clyde Burnell, Red Hamilton, Don Branson, Bob Mulke, Harry Turner, Johnny Roberts, Jimmy Caris, Dick Ward, Mel Wainwrighr, Norm Nelson, Johnny Spach, Glen Cromwell, Pip Henson, Ike Meixner, Don Horton, Butler Wright, Burrell Brown, Hank Kinkade, Otto Hemberger, Don Dunfree, Bob Tattersall, Bruce Middleton, Merle Health, Gill Galpin
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Re: track wins
« Reply #68 on: April 10, 2013, 09:46:39 AM »
1948 point Standings

Midgets Class A
1st. Gus Klingbiel
2nd. Chuck Marshall
3rd. Rex Easton
4th. Johnny Roberts
5th. Don Brennan
6th. Harry Turner
7th. Byron Fisher
8th. Danny Kladis
9th. Norm Nelson
10th. Gene Hartley
11th. Lloyd Ruby
12th. Bud Swanson

Midgets Class B
1st. Bill Smith
2nd. Paul Blokell
3rd. Al Cummings
4th. Warren Elgin
5th. Frank Wright
6th. Cotton Musick
7th. Chuck Vogel
8th. Don King
9th. Steve Orme
10th. Mike King
11th. Jim Ward
12th. Jim Caris
More Top finishers; Clyde Young, Don Harleman, Landy Scott, Jim Ward, Johnny Zale, Don Branson. Bob Thompson, Jack Johnson, Chuck Weyant, _______ Patzky, Fred Wright. Harry Ross, Harold Wildhaber, Byron Counts.
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Re: track wins
« Reply #69 on: April 11, 2013, 08:00:34 PM »
1940's Winningest drivers   (Possibly several 49' races missing, will have update in a week)

1st.   Ted Duncan.            6
2nd.  Paul Russo.              5
3rd. Chuck Marshall.          4
3rd. Russ Shaddy.             4
3rd. Mike O'Halloran.         4
3rd. Ray Richards.             4
3rd. Rex Easton.                4
8th. Frank Burany.             3
8th. Al Sprang.                  3
8th. Paul Blokell.               3
8th. Bob Thompson.           3
8th. Johnny Roberts.           3
8th. Ken Headley.               3
13th. Jimmy Caris               2
13th. Gus Klingbiel.            2
13th. Tony Bettenhausen    2
13th. Otto Hemberger        2
13th. Myron Fohr.              2
13th. Emil Andres.             2
13th. Bud Swanson.          2
13th. Bill Smith.                2

All midgets except Ken Headley, stock car(lm)
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Re: track wins
« Reply #70 on: April 15, 2013, 07:25:16 PM »
1949 midget driver standings
A class
1st. Frank Burany
2nd. Johnny Roberts
3rd. Harry Turner
4th. Clyde Young
5th. Rex Easton
6th. Danny Kladis
7th. Tony Bettenhausen
8th. Jimmy Caris
9th. Tommy Grey
10th. Ray Knepper

B class
1st. Jimmy Caris
2nd. Rex Easton
3rd. Joe Sastillio
4th. Potsy Gosher
5th. Gordon Ried
6th. Merle Heet
7th. Cotton Musik
8th. Ronnie Householter
9th. Mel Wainwright
10th. Cliff Nalon
More Top Finishers;Bill Mackey, Don Branson, Bud Swanson, Ray Richards, George Mack, Lloyd Ruby, Gene Hartley, Fisher, Metrovich, Gus Klingbiel, Jim Ludington, Ray Newman, Lyle Dickey, Wally Gela, Lloyd Axel, Mel Hanson, Sam Hanks, Chuck Stevenson, Moke O'Halloran, Jim Dunlap
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Re: track wins
« Reply #71 on: April 16, 2013, 04:47:23 PM »
The first automobile race at Fairbury American Legion Speedway was the last day of the fair, September 9, 1922!
$750 purse.
20 mile 40 laps
1st. Earl Worrick $400
2nd. Jack Atha $200
3rd. Jack Calvin $100
4th. W.S. Rose $50

Consolation 5mile 10 laps
1st. Graham Axlin
2nd. Ed Swann
3rd. W.H. Barton
The best half mile lap was made in 33 seconds by Earl Worrick of Covington Indiana.
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Re: track wins
« Reply #72 on: April 17, 2013, 08:32:33 AM »
I have finished finding the remaining events at FALS dating back to 1922. 11 of the 20 years from 1922-1941 had 1,2 or 3 races for various reasons. If this interests a few of you I would be glad to to put on here a very brief highlight of each of those eleven years. I think it's interesting, but that's me.

Definitely interested, keep it coming :)

We were thinking that fairbury was one of the longest continually running race facilities (as in races of some sort every year) in the US, if you include the horse racing with the fair.  I know there were a few years there wasn't auto racing, but there still would've been horse racing.  Great info though!

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Re: track wins
« Reply #73 on: April 17, 2013, 03:35:11 PM »
I am also definitely interested in more information. I didn't know that the half mile track had been used for anything but horse racing many years ago. my father was born and raised here and lived here most of his life and his mother was a lifelong resident of Fairbury so I am very interested in historic facts regarding both the town and the fairgrounds.

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Re: track wins
« Reply #74 on: April 17, 2013, 09:49:25 PM »
On September 8th 1923 auto racing returned to the fair for the second time.

Fast time was Wesley Hanson Chevrolet driven by Doyt Atha 32 & 3/5 seconds.
Feature (22:20. 1/5) time of race
1st. Doyt Atha (Chevrolet) $400
2nd. Baker(Miller Special) $200
3rd. Gallavan (Rajo Special) $100
4th. Johnson (Emels Special) $50
Others in attendance
Cecil Schmidt from Peoria
Robinson from Chattanooga (Dodge Special)
Wilbur Razor from Lexington
Cannon (Razo Special)
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