Track Info

The Fairbury American Legion Speedway is a 1/4 mile semi-banked dirt oval located in Fairbury, Illinois at the Fairbury fairgrounds. The track is operated by the local American Legion, in a largely volunteer system of neighborhood folks who put their time and effort into trying to provide a top-notch dirt track facility for fans throughout the Midwest. FALS has won UMP's track of the year award once in the '90's and most recently in 2006 and 2007.

The tracks weekly divisions consist of the UMP DIRTcar Late Models, UMP DIRTcar Modifieds, UMP DIRTcar Sportsman, and UMP DIRTcar Stock Cars (Street Stocks).

The track runs a number of high profile events including the annual running of one of Illinois' premier nostalgia Late Model races, the Prairie Dirt Classic, as well as specials in each division throughout the year.

Track Records

Late Model
Street Stock
410 Winged Sprint Pro Late Model
Scott Bull
12.215 (8.27.11)
Lance Dehm
13.465 (5.12.12)
Jason Unzicker
14.243 (7.11.09)
Lukes Gash
15.197 (5.2.15)
Carson Macedo
11.219 (7.15.17)
Chad Osterhoff
14.024 (8.17.17)

Past Winners of the Prairie Dirt Classic

Year   Winner   Year   Winner   Year   Winner
2017   Brandon Sheppard   2007   Brian Birkhofer   1997   Billy Drake
2016   Josh Richards   2006   Shannon Babb   1996   John Gill
2015   Jonathan Davenport   2005   Jimmy Mars   1995   Bob Pierce
2014   Tim McCreadie   2004   Dennis Erb Jr.   1994   Bob Pierce
2013   Shannon Babb   2003   Don O'Neal   1993   Billy Moyer
2012   Jason Feger   2002   Shannon Babb   1992   Billy Moyer
2011   Eric Smith   2001   Bob Pierce   1991   Kevin Weaver
2010   Billy Moyer   2000   Bob Pierce   1990   Snooky Dehm
2009   Jimmy Mars   1999   Bob Pierce        
2008   Billy Moyer   1998   Billy Moyer        

Past Winners of the Casey's Modified Nationals

Year   Winner   Year   Winner   Year   Winner
2017   Mike Harrison   2015   Clayton Miller   2013   Jeff Curl
2016   Mike Harrison   2014   Mike Harrison        

Past Winners of the Prairie Dirt Shootout

Year   Winner   Year   Winner   Year   Winner
2017   Don O'Neal   2014   Ryan Unzicker   2011   Brian Shirley
2016   Jonathan Davenport   2013   Clint Smith   2010   Brian Shirley
2015   McKay Wenger   2012   Shannon Babb        

Past Winners of the Mullins Race Engines Shootout

Year   Winner   Year   Winner   Year   Winner
2017   Lucas Lee   2016   Chris Smith   2015   Kevin Weaver

Past Winners of the Pappy and Bob Allen Memorial

Year   Winner   Year   Winner   Year   Winner
2017   Ryan Unzicker   2010   Daren Friedman   2003   Eric Smith
2016   Kevin Weaver   2009   Joe Harlan   2002   Mike Glasscock
2015   Kevin Weaver   2008   Scott Bull   2001   Roger Long
2014   Mike Spatola   2007   Frank Shickel Jr.   2000   Ed Dixon
2013   Daren Friedman   2006   Daren Friedman   1999   Joe Harlan
2012   Kevin Weaver   2005   Mike Mullvain   1998   Steve Hillard
2011   Joe Harlan   2004   Kevin Weaver   1997   Roger Long